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project home 2Since 1989, when Sister Mary Scullion and Joan Dawson McConnon founded Project HOME, 8000 people have been rescued from the cycle of homelessness and poverty, and provided a continuum of care including street outreach, supportive housing and comprehensive services focused on health care, education and employment.  Project HOME also works to prevent poverty through neighborhood revitalization in North Philadelphia and works with a variety of coalitions on the city, state and national levels to impact public policies, educate elected officials and maximize resources or housing and services.

project home 1Project HOME has accomplished much in its history, providing 621 units of housing, including 572 units of affordable and supportive housing for formerly homeless men, women and families.  Through their Social Enterprise department, Project HOME creates and works with social enterprises that provide employment opportunities and workplace skill development for formerly homeless individuals. In partnership with Thomas University Department, the organization provides community-based, high-quality health care and health education services, and with its recently completed, 30,000 sq. ft. wellness center, provides community-based, uniquely integrated health and wellness services targeted to the needs of the North Central Philadelphia Community.  Their Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs in North Central Philadelphia offers critical educational and workforce development programs for neighborhood children and families.

project home 3Project HOME, most of all, is a pathway to a dignified, fulfilling life for people who are so easily marginalized.  Not content to address the quantitative issues that cause poverty and homelessness, Project HOME builds the spirit and self-esteem of the people they serve.  Project HOME creates a line of home products – candles, soap, and the best cranberry sauce! – manufactured and produced by their clients, providing not just meaningful employment, but also accomplishment and contribution to their own economy.  Art classes allow clients an outlet for expression, and have led to successful art shows for a number of artists.

Moda 360 is very proud to support this organization as a participant in the exhibition. Moda 360 will mark the West Coast debut of a number of talented artists who overcame life’s obstacles and create beautiful and compelling works of art.  These artists exhibit their work alongside the many established artists participating in the event, adding their voice to the Moda 360 community of artists.  The trunk shows will feature the high quality lifestyle products manufactured by the talented and dedicated creators transformed by the organization, which, we are certain, will sell out quickly.

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