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molly2molly1Molly’s eclectic background is reflected in her art.  Her art style was raised along side her in Santa Monica, California by her two parents: her mother is a fashion designer and her father is a construction supervisor.  The family traveled the world looking for inspiration for all their projects, and absorbing the world around them to be translated into their work.  They attended Burning Man all throughout Molly’s teenage years, drawing from the free spirit of the event. It was Molly’s father’s personal practice that inspired her in her art (“He’d have me call it “tinkering,” though”).  His rejection of fine art elitism inspired her to create art as if it was a human right, a fearlessness that guides her work.  Molly’s media is wide-ranging: wood, metal, fibers, written/ spoken word, performance, and found objects, materials inspired by her education at San Francisco Art Institute, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Santa Monica College.  The goal of her art is to bring a playfulness into the art community by employing aesthetics of toys, kitsch/camp, or “low-art.”  “Art belongs to all of us :).” She is influenced by many artists, among her favorites are Yayoi Kusama, Jeff Koons, and Mike Kelley.  Molly is bringing her sculptural works to Moda 360.

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