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molly2molly1Molly’s eclectic background is reflected in her art.  Her art style was raised along side her in Santa Monica, California by her two parents: her mother is a fashion designer and her father is a construction supervisor.  The family traveled the world looking for inspiration for all their projects, and absorbing the world around them to be translated into their work.  They attended Burning Man all throughout Molly’s teenage years, drawing from the free spirit of the event. It was Molly’s father’s personal practice that inspired her in her art (“He’d have me call it “tinkering,” though”).  His rejection of fine art elitism inspired her to create art as if it was a human right, a fearlessness that guides her work.  Molly’s media is wide-ranging: wood, metal, fibers, written/ spoken word, performance, and found objects, materials inspired by her education at San Francisco Art Institute, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Santa Monica College.  The goal of her art is to bring a playfulness into the art community by employing aesthetics of toys, kitsch/camp, or “low-art.”  “Art belongs to all of us :).” She is influenced by many artists, among her favorites are Yayoi Kusama, Jeff Koons, and Mike Kelley.  Molly is bringing her sculptural works to Moda 360.

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project home 2Since 1989, when Sister Mary Scullion and Joan Dawson McConnon founded Project HOME, 8000 people have been rescued from the cycle of homelessness and poverty, and provided a continuum of care including street outreach, supportive housing and comprehensive services focused on health care, education and employment.  Project HOME also works to prevent poverty through neighborhood revitalization in North Philadelphia and works with a variety of coalitions on the city, state and national levels to impact public policies, educate elected officials and maximize resources or housing and services.

project home 1Project HOME has accomplished much in its history, providing 621 units of housing, including 572 units of affordable and supportive housing for formerly homeless men, women and families.  Through their Social Enterprise department, Project HOME creates and works with social enterprises that provide employment opportunities and workplace skill development for formerly homeless individuals. In partnership with Thomas University Department, the organization provides community-based, high-quality health care and health education services, and with its recently completed, 30,000 sq. ft. wellness center, provides community-based, uniquely integrated health and wellness services targeted to the needs of the North Central Philadelphia Community.  Their Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs in North Central Philadelphia offers critical educational and workforce development programs for neighborhood children and families.

project home 3Project HOME, most of all, is a pathway to a dignified, fulfilling life for people who are so easily marginalized.  Not content to address the quantitative issues that cause poverty and homelessness, Project HOME builds the spirit and self-esteem of the people they serve.  Project HOME creates a line of home products – candles, soap, and the best cranberry sauce! – manufactured and produced by their clients, providing not just meaningful employment, but also accomplishment and contribution to their own economy.  Art classes allow clients an outlet for expression, and have led to successful art shows for a number of artists.

Moda 360 is very proud to support this organization as a participant in the exhibition. Moda 360 will mark the West Coast debut of a number of talented artists who overcame life’s obstacles and create beautiful and compelling works of art.  These artists exhibit their work alongside the many established artists participating in the event, adding their voice to the Moda 360 community of artists.  The trunk shows will feature the high quality lifestyle products manufactured by the talented and dedicated creators transformed by the organization, which, we are certain, will sell out quickly.

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vanessa wishartVanessa Wishart always has an answer to the question “What can you do with this?”  She can take the most bizarre and seemingly unredeemable materials (used coffee filters, used pantyhose) and make stunning fashion designs.  Vanessa Lee Wishart has been in the Fashion/Costume industry for over 10 years. A graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology, she introduced her fashion line, Vicerra in 2003, after winning first place in the Art of Fashion competition. Vanessa’s clothing is for men and women who are confident and ultra sexy. Her inspiration for her line is the urban and fetish scenes as well as the world around her. This is seen through her use in color and fabrics used in the garments.vanessa wishart3

Vanessa Wishart has worked extensively in film, television and theater, bringing her endless creativity and innovation to every entertainment medium:  dance, music, theater productions, the Super Bowl, feature and short films, and she has created breathtaking fashion art installations that have been exhibited around the world.  Her never-say-can’t has propelled her career forward to opportunities that continuously challenge her talent, and she has met and exceeded every one.

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sb4Silver Birches is bringing the art of nature to Moda 360. Under the direction of floral expert Peter Otero, Moda 360 will feature gorgeous splashes of natural beauty. The arrangements will add the setting for Linger Magazine’s Jazz Garden on the runway, and add drama to displays of art an fashion.

sb3Silver Birches is well known for its spectacular event planning, including in its roster of events high profile parties for both the Grammy and Academy Awards. Silver Birches will bring their high class touch to The New Mart and Moda 360 welcomes the partnership this year and into the future to create stunning displays of art and fashion.

sb2Silver Birches is focused on the integration of business and creative thought. Their unique approach to design and production services for corporate events emanates from 35 years of experience in the industry. They incorporate integrity and innovative design concepts to help clients develop a vision that delivers their marketing goals to their target audience.

sb1Creating a fun, compelling and immersive guest experience is the key to any experiential marketing event and their team promotes a smooth creative process. Silver Birches is minority owned with facilities in Pasadena of over thirty thousand square feet of office, production and warehouse space. With a creative and versatile staff of graphic designers, architects, space planners, project managers and production personnel, Silver Birches turns artistic visions into reality.

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ab1Andrea Bogdan is a downtown L.A. artist. She generously uses color and motion in her paintings to express the unique life spark of the people she meets and the weird, wonderful and conflicted nature of the human condition. She’s worked in Detroit, the Bronx, Manhattan, Dallas, Prague, Vienna and Los Angeles and extracts personalities for her peculiar artwork mainly from these places. Her art is bold, and is succintly described in her statement: “I choose art because it punches apathy and boredom in the nose and kicks open doors to new worlds like a space ninja.”ab2

Her paintings have been sold around the world and adorn the walls of collectors in living in England, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, and across the United States. Andrea has also sold paintings from the La Luz de Jesus Gallery and in the Los Angeles Art Association Bonhams Auction.

Her work is influenced by these artists: Marc Chagall, Ralph Steadman, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Alexander Calder and (most of all) Jesse Reno. People who like her work have also referenced John Altoon and Carl-Henning Pederson.

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ccc1Ching Ching Cheng has always been interested in science and engineering, staring at mechanical devices, trying to figure out how they worked.  Every part of each machine connected to another massive machine, moving and working smoothly together, just like a human body.  Equally fascinated with human form, she came see it as an incredible machine.  Specific parts of the human form, like the organs, brain, and the way our bodies perceive the world around us are the focus of her work.

Moda 360 will exhibit the “Apron Series” work of the artist, a series of works that explores identities found in everyday life from different perspectives. The works are a portrait of the artist as creator, wife and mother, and  are inspired by the contrast between Taiwanese and American culture.ccc2

Different places have different cultures, and human beings will naturally change and adapt to different environments. When people travel, they bring their culture with them. Sometimes the culture that they bring with them changes and adapts to that new environment. In the end, the culture changes to a modified new culture.  The artist always puts herself in the situation to make the subject matter more personal, so her work gives an intimate and personal account of her own exper­iences, while simultaneously encouraging the viewer to recall their own.  The work is mixed media and found objects from various locations.  Ching Ching Cheng works digitally and traditionally as well as three dimensionally, and likes to experiment with different techniques and mediums.

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jonnalee2jonnalee4Jonna Lee is a resident artist at the Groundspace Project in Los Angeles.  An artist whose works delve into rich interplay between organic abstraction and concrete materiality, Jonna selects materials that, in their essence, express the concept of the art piece.  “Currently I wed traditional sculptural processes with a material that fascinates me for these properties – platinum silicon rubber.  This material potentialities concrete sensory qualities in abstract form.  When I began working with silicone rubber I was led down a path of sensuality by the material itself, giving rise to Ideas of touch, feel, and excess.  Human sexuality is present, but is overwhelmed by the broader theme of sensuality.

jonnalee5Consider the satisfaction of stroking soft skin, contrasted with the feeling of sinking ones feet into new wet grass. Both are immensely satisfying, for different and concurrent reasons. Both are present.  Elements of humor abound in these plastic yet ultimately human works.

My interests revolve around several topics; the viewers’ assumptions about specific materials, the anthropomorphically charged potential of sculpture, and the visceral impact present when any given artwork seduces the human senses.”

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