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Lucy 2Every bespoke piece created by Atelier Tammam is lovingly made here by its team of dedicated “petit mains”. Visiting Atelier Tammam is like taking a trip back in time to when clothes were made for individuals, one at a time

Tammam maintains the highest ethical standards for human and animal rights, sustainability, environment and in relationships with suppliers, offering an honest and transparent account of how the atelier operates. Atelier Tammam has a policy “from fibre to finishing” -striving to be as ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible through all steps in the journey of production.

lucyCreative director and founder of Tammam,, Lucy Tammam (“Ms. Tammam”) she places equal importance on sustainability, innovation, cut and style to courageously work towards changing the way we regard our clothing.  Couturier to the stars, Ms T has dressed and styled icons from Jenny Agutter to Eleanor Tomlinson, and was sited as one of the designers in the running to create the wedding dress for the Duchess of Cambridge.

For over a decade she has lived between Bloomsbury and India. Within Assamese hills, and rural villages in Andhra Pradesh.  Ms Tammam personally researches local ecological fabrics and yarns to cultivate and reinvent perishing techniques traditional to each region.

Enter the fantasy world that is an haute couture atelier. Where the magic happens, tucked away in a room behind the bijoux Tammam showroom and boutique is a studio rammed full of fabrics and threads, machines and tables, scissors and needles ready to create your perfect gown.

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outsiderOutsider was launched in the UK in 2009 with a mission statement of “Ethical fashion should just look like fashion.”  Whether you call it Eco, Ethical, Sustainable, Green, Slow, Conscious or Responsible – Outsider is about creating and designing beautiful garments with a more thoughtful approach.

OUTSIDER garments are timeless and can be worn and loved season after season:  Quality clothes do not go out of fashion.   Outsider designers are inspired by the items that have been a wardrobe staple for years, because true style is timeless, not transient or throwaway.   The collection of versatile, day-to-evening pieces are made to the highest quality and are designed to last and be loved.  From board room to restaurant to theater, Outsider captures the flattering silhouettes and style that makes a fashion statement at any occasion.  Outsider has developed a celebrity following, counting Elizabeth Moss, Livia Firth and Emma Thompson as fans.   Outsider makes its LA debut at Moda 360!

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nancydee1The Moda 360 designer line up includes a “Best of Britain” exhibit highlighting the best in independent sustainable fashion from across the pond.  Nancy Dee’s elegant and timeless pieces combine a flair for wearable design with strong ethical principles.   The label was founded in 2008 by Seraphina Davis, who has a passionate belief that responsible fashion should be both stylish and affordable.

nancydee3The collection is entirely designed and made in Britain using sustainable and organic fabrics extracted from natural, renewable sources such as bamboo and beechwood (known as Modal), as well as up-cycled British-made deadstock fabrics. Well known for its unique and often vintage-inspired prints, Nancy Dee produces limited runs of each design, ensuring exclusivity.  The collection adheres to ‘slow fashion’ principles, with new styles designed to reference lifestyle rather than passing trends.

The Nancy Dee collection appeals across the generations both to those who wish to buy ethically and those who are simply looking for stylish, versatile pieces that will become wardrobe favorites.

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Moda 360: LA was captured in photos by Kyle Stuart. Seventeen designers and five artists exhibited their work at the event with international filmmakers showing their work on four screens at the event.

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From today’s movement toward socially and environmentally responsible products Gunas was born: a revolutionary line of handbags dedicated to redefining vegan and sustainable design. The mission behind the brand is simple – provide luxury items for fashion forward consumers while making the world beautiful in more than just a literal sense.

GUNAS promotes ‘mindful consumption.’   Excess material from production is used to make smaller accessories such as wallets and clutches.

What sets the brand apart from its competition is complete and total devotion to sustainability. The collection is free of PU/PVC and is made of materials collected from socially responsible companies from the entire world. Gunas is crafted in NYC and hardware is designed in-house adding uniqueness to their style.

A portion of each sale goes towards enabling various charities, currently Gunas is working with Earth Matters Foundation, India.

Gunas debuted Spring 2011 at the Ethical Fashion Preview in New York as well as the London Fashion Lounge during London Fashion Week.  These high quality luxury bags were a hit both in style, durability and philosophy with an additional strong selling point:  they are incredibly lightweight!  Travel editors and handbag buyers were impressed with the impeccable attention to detail and the versatility of the bags.  This is a brand with a bright future!

Gunas was featured in the Ethical Fashion Runway Collective as well as other designers styling their runway shows with the bags.  Gunas was mentioned by the Guardian in coverage of the London Fashion Lounge.

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Vella Mode made its New York Fashion Week debut to rave reviews at the Ethical Fashion Preview during Nolcha Fashion Week.  Designer Trecy Bleich scours the world for discarded and vintage objects and creates uniquely stunning jewelry pieces.

Whether it is broken glass from discarded bottles that have been worn smooth and frosted by nature, or pieces of jewelry from long ago, Trecy breathes new life into what we might otherwise over look.  Combining objects with chain and findings from recycled metals, along with seed beads made from recycled glass, and hand-crafting copper and silver discs, each piece is made individually with attention to detail and style.  

Vella Mode hit the runway in the Ethical Fashion Runway Collective, giving the designer looks an added high class touch.  Vella Mode was featured with a wonderful  review in Fashion Pulse Daily.

Scavenging along earth’s natural bodies of water one will find beauty in more than nature. Vella Mode creates true one of a kind pieces out of recycled glass.  Each piece has its own character with imperfections reflective of its origin.  A comforting thought…items discarded by humans again restored to usable wares.

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Vicerra is a leading Canadian clothing retailer located in Toronto, Ontario. Designer, Vanessa Lee Wishart rebranded her label and launched Rarity Couture, an eco-conscious fashion line made from reclaimed materials. This collection thrives on creativity, originality, and social-consciousness.  Vanessa’s aim is to provide fashion forward, and innovative garments with a social message.  Vicerra is a collection of affordable, one-of-a-kind, upcycled, repurposed and recycled clothing to meet the increasing consumer demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Rarity Couture by Vicerra is a premium, sustainable women’s clothing line for the eco-conscious fashionista and avant-garde aficionado.  Rarity Couture  adds a touch of glamour and uniqueness to reclaimed fashion.

Vanessa has been awarded grants from the Canadian government to pursue her art in fashion, and has won several awards for her creations.  Rarity Couture made it’s US debut at the Ethical Fashion Preview during Nolcha Fashion Week.  The styles walking the runway wowed the crowd and her collection proved to be a popular stop for buyers and press.  Vicerra was featured in Chic Galleria and  Di Tripaz Corazon.  Vicerra offers unique and one-off pieces to set retailers apart from their competition!

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