ab1Andrea Bogdan is a downtown L.A. artist. She generously uses color and motion in her paintings to express the unique life spark of the people she meets and the weird, wonderful and conflicted nature of the human condition. She’s worked in Detroit, the Bronx, Manhattan, Dallas, Prague, Vienna and Los Angeles and extracts personalities for her peculiar artwork mainly from these places. Her art is bold, and is succintly described in her statement: “I choose art because it punches apathy and boredom in the nose and kicks open doors to new worlds like a space ninja.”ab2

Her paintings have been sold around the world and adorn the walls of collectors in living in England, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, and across the United States. Andrea has also sold paintings from the La Luz de Jesus Gallery and in the Los Angeles Art Association Bonhams Auction.

Her work is influenced by these artists: Marc Chagall, Ralph Steadman, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Alexander Calder and (most of all) Jesse Reno. People who like her work have also referenced John Altoon and Carl-Henning Pederson.

IMG_3277Kitty Ferreira is an award winning label that aims to dispel the ‘hippy’ connotations of ethical and sustainable fashion, by juxtaposing city chic with the natural world.  The sustainably sophisticated silhouettes are made in London.  The multi- product collection has been described by The Guardian as suitable for “boardroom activists” and made in sizes 6-26 to meet the needs of women of every size.  Kitty Ferreira is part of the Best of Britain exhibit at Moda 360.

The label was created by London College of Fashion graduate, Creative MD & Founder,  Valerie Goode, who chose to pursue a career in ethical fashion after being headhunted to work in China as a Senior Womenswear Designer.   The horrendous pollution she witnessed in the Chinese fashion industry, that served as the catalyst to choose her own fashion path.  The Kitty Ferreira brand is an homage to her late grandmother and is inspired by Kitty’s Caribbean lifestyle.  Kitty Ferreira is dedicated to the values of yore:  “The value in upcycling has been practiced by our grandmothers long before it became a fashionable term”

Lucy 2-10-14 Final-10 lrNatasha Andreicheva is a London-based Ukrainian-born designer with a passion for ethical design that is both functional and beautiful. Specialising in handbags and purses, Natasha fuses an interest in animal rights and care for the environment with creating elegant one-off pieces. Made from upcycled and vintage materials, her handbags suit a number of occasions, from a casual stroll through the city to a glamorous night out or a wedding.

hammarborgSince launching in 2009, Swedish designer Cecilia Hammarborg’s collections have become a go-to label for tailored outerwear and statement coats. In true Scandinavian style, clean lines and a minimal aesthetic are the signature of this collection of tailored coats in luxe Italian wools, alpaca and cashmere.Creative design, quality and sustainability are all connected.The designer strives to create garments that sustain:highest quality fashion, and becoming items that will be appreciated in seasons to come, becoming a wardrobe staple.

High quality wool is sourced from Italy, from a mill that produces quality fabric made from at least 65% recycled material.  Cecilia Hammarborg embodies local sourcing and manufacturing processes, reducing transport emissions, sourcing in Italy and made in London.

DeborahCampbellDeborah Campbell Atelier is a British made ethical womenswear label, turning waste into fashion using sustainable materials including fabrics from 100% recycled plastic bottles to create style with a seasonless edge.  The foundation of each collection is print, designed exclusively by DCA and inspired by art and nature. The abstract prints are unique through cut and style, no two styles are the same.

Deborah sustainable sensibility comes from a family of garment makers, her mother was a seamstress in factories for M&S and her grandfather made waterproof clothing.  Following in the family tradition, Deborah worked in manufacturing and design for major British retailers.  Becoming increasingly troubled by cheap fashion made offshore and over-consumption.  She began her journey to challenge the status quo and help reinvigorate British manufacturing and launched her brand.  At DCA, the people who make the clothing are as important as the people purchasing the clothing.  The commitment to transparency in the supply chain is key; suppliers reside in Wales, Sheffield, London, Leicester, and West Yorkshire and a Gots certified factory in Bangladesh for tee-shirts.

The atelier uses Newlife, a fabric produced from recycled plastic bottles, sourced from a variety of partners. DCA up-cycles wool blends from the UK and Italy.  The goal is to source fabrications that have low environmental impact,  limited water use and local sourcing and production to keep the carbon footprint low. T-shirts are one color screen printed in the UK on GOTS certified organic cotton.  Prints are digital and exclusively designed; digital printing uses less water and is kinder to the environment.  Their mission is simple – to design seasonless fashion with transparent ethical practices.

krausz2Michelle Krausz’s contemporary collections are handcrafted in her Islington workshop. She create wearable pieces with a hint of fashion. specializing in bespoke designs in gold, silver, with precious and semi-precious stones, for weddings, engagements or any occasion.krausz

Delving into the glamour of a bygone era Michelle creates fashion led one off headpieces using the most exquisite original materials from 1930 – 1960 and fresh water pearls. She grew up surrounded by eclectic art, and antiques from across the world, she is descended from several generations of jewelry and art collectors, her father was a fashion designer and mother an artist, with a passion beautiful for objects from the past which inspires her jewelry.

ccc1Ching Ching Cheng has always been interested in science and engineering, staring at mechanical devices, trying to figure out how they worked.  Every part of each machine connected to another massive machine, moving and working smoothly together, just like a human body.  Equally fascinated with human form, she came see it as an incredible machine.  Specific parts of the human form, like the organs, brain, and the way our bodies perceive the world around us are the focus of her work.

Moda 360 will exhibit the “Apron Series” work of the artist, a series of works that explores identities found in everyday life from different perspectives. The works are a portrait of the artist as creator, wife and mother, and  are inspired by the contrast between Taiwanese and American culture.ccc2

Different places have different cultures, and human beings will naturally change and adapt to different environments. When people travel, they bring their culture with them. Sometimes the culture that they bring with them changes and adapts to that new environment. In the end, the culture changes to a modified new culture.  The artist always puts herself in the situation to make the subject matter more personal, so her work gives an intimate and personal account of her own exper­iences, while simultaneously encouraging the viewer to recall their own.  The work is mixed media and found objects from various locations.  Ching Ching Cheng works digitally and traditionally as well as three dimensionally, and likes to experiment with different techniques and mediums.

earthheir1Every piece of craft weaves a story. Some stories span centuries, filled with history and culture. Others represent a new lease in life away from the past.   Earth Heir began with an appreciation for craftspeople. These artists spend years honing and perfecting their skills to create their finest art pieces.   Earth Heir is dedicated to the creation and preservation of heritage art forms.   Working with these artisans, Earth Heir helps disadvantage communities develop commercially viable products and brings them to market.  As part of its social and ecological mission, Earth Heir returns 10% of its revenue to charities supporting trafficking survivors and plant two trees for every scarf purchased.  “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do.” – Helen Keller

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” – John Wesley

earthheir2Earth Heir offers a collection of exquisitely handcrafted luxurious pieces from around the world, with an ecological and social mission. Each piece weaves a human story – lovingly handmade by master craftspersons carrying the disappearing traditions of their forebears, prizing fine craftsmanship over mass fashion.  Earth Heir advocates fair trade principles and ethical partnerships with the craftspersons themselves, to help create more sustainable livelihoods.  Luxury, style, design and fashion forged in an ethical manner.

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